9 de May de 2024

Changes affect companies that hire drivers for road transportation

In April 25, 2024, the Ministry of Labor and Employment (“MTE”) published two important changes in its ordinances for companies that hire professional drivers employed for collective road transport of passengers and cargo.

Ordinance No. 612/2024 amends Ordinance No. 672/2021¹ and establishes new parameters for accomplishment of the toxicological test for employed drivers.

Ordinance No. 617/2024, in its turn, amends Ordinance No. 671/2021² to include in it the obligation to inform, in the registration of professional drivers employed in eSocial, data regarding their health monitoring and their submission to the regular toxicological test.

The changes to Ordinance No. 617 will take effect only on August 1st, 2024, as it will be necessary to adapt the eSocial system to accommodate the new information. The remaining provisions have immediate effect.

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