14 de May de 2024

Legal Framework for electronic games provides for labor repercussions

In the last Monday, May 6th, it was published Law No. 14,852/2024 that creates the legal framework for the electronic games industry – thus understood: (a) the interactive audiovisual work developed as a computer program, (b) the central device and accessories for the execution of electronic games and (c) the software for use as a cell phone application, video games or virtual or mixed reality.

The new law has repercussions for the development and commercial promotion of these electronic games and seeks to promote their use in research and development, preserving the rights to data protection and of children and teenagers.

The law also brought new labor provisions by promoting the conceptualization and framing of professionals in electronic games: visual artist for games, audio artist for games, game narrative designer, game designer, game programmer, game tester and game producer.

With the framework, professionals will be able to register themselves as MEIs and it is expected that the IBGE will provide a specific CNAE for companies which develop electronic games.

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