31 de March de 2022

IBAMA Normative Instruction 08/2022 – Regulation of export of timber products

The new Normative Instruction, which applies to the export of timber products and byproducts of native origin, revokes NI 15/2011 and NI 13/2018 and changes the prior procedure for export authorization by IBAMA, which will now be requested through the module of Licenses, Permits, Certificates and Other Documents (LPCO-Export) of Siscomex.
Another new feature is the future provision of risk management criteria and parameter settings for the issuance of the authorization in a fully automated process in some cases. The inspection by sampling will also follow criteria to prioritize cargo, such as the products and by-products listed in Article 5, the Cites species and those on the official lists of endangered species.
The export of logs is now restricted to the species Aspidosperma excelsum and Minquartia guianensis.
The Normative Instruction (link below) comes into force on June 1, 2022.
For more information, please contact the partner responsible for the Environmental team (

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