About us

About us

We are equipped to serve our clients across a wide range of areas and business sectors, combining interdisciplinary work to deliver complete solutions to companies, institutions, and individuals.

Our work is guided by the client’s needs, and we base our services on long-term relationships and empathy. Our portfolio of historic clients confirms these values. Clients entrust our team with their most complex transactions and cases, as well as the management of their day-to-day legal activities.

With extensive experience in assisting international clients, we advise investors on the most diverse forms of entering the Brazilian market, translating the local legal system and business environment to a variety of cultures.


Our service model, the management of our professional activities, and the relationship we have with the most diverse stakeholders are all based on solid values of ethical conduct and transparency, and governed by our Compliance and Integrity program.

We have a service-oriented team, based on 3 pillars:

    We focus our efforts on enabling our clients’ businesses and solving their problems by acting quickly, creatively, and with integrity, in the pursuit of practical and effective solutions, oriented towards their immediate and medium-long term goals.
    We deliver the best solutions by continually exercising the ability to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We understand the challenges faced by those we serve as our own challenges.
    We strive to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, based on transparency and mutual trust, and fostered by a team of professionals always committed to our clients’ goals and results.

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