Who we are

In many respects, we are very much like other law firms.  Our offices are modern, our technology is cutting edge, and our professionals are ethical and qualified.  Like some of our competitors, we practice in almost all areas of business law and work with the efficiency and responsiveness that businesses in general currently require.  After all, sophisticated clients such as the ones we serve, from different countries, sizes and markets, would not settle for less.  They require high quality services and could not be offered less.
However, a law firm for us is much more than furniture and computers, lawyers and clients.  It is much more than a brand or a nice “package”.  A law firm for us is, in essence, a team.  And a team is more than a group of people working under the same roof with common goals.  A team is much more.
Our law firm is truly a team.  A team that is formed by a group of professionals who, over time, has united around common ideals, principles and values.  A team that has been working for years (in some cases, decades) in a very close and coordinated fashion, without barriers, committed to doing the very best.  A team forged in meeting rooms, in court room battles, and by the countless challenges that lawyers face.  A team that continues to grow by relying on professionals who are ethical, qualified, creative, proactive, obsessed for quality and passionate about what they do.  A team that moves forward together, is proud of its clients and is always ready to protect their interests, no matter the day or the time.  A team that uses the knowledge and experience gained by its members to put aside what is not important and to focus on what really matters: Implement projects, solve problems and add value to clients.
Our law firm is a team.  And it is this team that, in our view, sets us apart.  It is this team that makes us unique.