18 de November de 2022

ANPD published its regulatory agenda for 2023-2024

The National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) has just published its regulatory agenda for 2023-2024. The document is extremely relevant as it defines more precisely the next steps of the Authority, such as next guidelines and regulations.
The regulations regarding penalties, for example, are set as top priority together with the regulations on data subject rights, communication of data breaches, international data transfers, and other activities that have been in progress since 2021-2022. The regulations regarding penalties are in the final stages of preparation and are expected to be released in early 2023, followed by others that should be released through 2023.
The official document (Portaria ANPD No. 35) is available in Portuguese at
For more information, please contact the heads of the Privacy and Data Protection team, Adriano Chaves and Marcia Issler Mandelbaum.

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