Expertise Areas

Administrative and Regulatory

  • Assistance in public bids carried out by local, state and federal government entities and agencies by means of any procurement method (competition, invitation, price taking and reverse auction)
  • Assistance in bidding procedures involving public-private partnerships (PPPs), administrative concessions and differential government procurement regime (RDCs)
  • Negotiation of consortium agreements for the participation in bidding procedures and administrative contracts
  • Drafting, negotiation and review of administrative contracts
  • Preparation of defense against contractual and administrative penalties imposed by government entities and agencies
  • Modeling of concessions and Manifestation of Interest Process (PMIs) in public-private partnerships
  • Assistance and representation of clients in the filing of administrative appeal and challenges, judicial claims and/or procedures before the Federal or State Courts of Audits
  • Assistance in proceedings for the waiver or discharge of biddings
  • Drafting of requests for economic and financial rebalancing of administrative contracts and extension of contractual term
  • Assistance and preparation of requests for changing the structure of consortia, change of control, subcontracting, contract assignment, granting of guarantees, use of ancillary revenues etc.